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Tips for choosing clothes for your professional headshot

Linda Richards Photography Northwest Arkansas

  A professional headshot is an important part of conveying your work image and personal brand. We talked recently about how your headshot should fit your career and desired image and today I thought I’d offer tips for choosing the right jewelry, makeup and clothing for your professional headshot. In all decisions, simple is better.

How professional is your LinkedIn profile picture? I have a solution for you

  When people visit your LinkedIn profile, what do they see? Are they greeted with an image that is shows you enjoying a hobby or perhaps even a selfie or family picture? While LinkedIn is a social media platform, it is a business social media platform. While Facebook is more like a backyard BBQ with […]

Does your headshot fit your career and image?

  Northwest Arkansas is rich with different career opportunities. We have a large corporate community, educational sector, lawyers, Realtors, and many other business professionals. What many of these professions all have in common is that the individuals in these positions need high-quality professional headshots. It’s important to realize that not “all sizes fit all” when […]