Announcing pregnancy through a photo

I recently helped a client find a fun way to photograph an announcement of their 2nd baby. This type of session can be a lot of fun without being gimmicky. As a photographer, I never want to end up on awkward family photos so I am careful when selecting a prop. If you are considering this type of photography session I have a few tips for you. First, the subject of the photo should stand out in the image so choosing a prop should be done with intention. Secondly, I wanted to ensure the session had variety so that not all photos were about the new baby coming. Lastly, choosing this type of session is great before mom-to-be is too far into the pregnancy so that you have to think about what you are seeing. In this style of photo, the sign is the clue to the announcement, not a round belly. If the mom was 8 months pregnant her belly would be competing with the chalk board. It would be like watching a movie when the script tells you too much and leaves nothing to the imagination.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did!