Achieving a dream: A visit with Sarah Hood

Helping someone achieve a dream is an exciting adventure for me, even if my participation is seemingly small.


Back in May, I was honored to guest post over at Arkansas Women Bloggers and I offered a giveaway to one lucky blogger. Sarah Hood won and I had a wonderful time meeting her!

As Sarah shares in her blog about the giveaway and new photos, she already has tons of photos of her and her family. What she didn’t have was a set of professional photos that she could submit along with an article about running and fitness to a magazine or blog that features the subject. She needed something professional, sporty and perhaps even a little sassy.

Here’s another look at some of the shots we got and also don’t forget to head over to Sarah’s blog Musings of Motherhood to learn more about her dream! Her photo shoot was in Veterans Memorial Park in Fayetteville.