7 tips for your outdoor winter family photo shoot

_MG_4716Just because the temperatures are cooler and the sun isn’t as frequently seen in the sky, it doesn’t mean that you can’t schedule a family portrait session. We have a nice warm studio that can take care of your photography needs all year round, but if you’re interested in an outdoor session despite the weather, keep these tips in mind:

  • Snowy landscapes make beautiful backdrops for family portraits, and an overcast day can create fantastic lighting that eliminates harsh shadows created by direct sunlight. Choose a backdrop of a snowy gazebo or winter trees to enhance the interest in your photo.
  • When taking outdoor photos, dress for warmth with several layers under your coat. Colorful scarves and hats can create a fun photo, but if you’d rather not be so bundled up, wear the scarves and gloves until the photographer is set up, then remove them for the actual shots to be taken.
  • _MG_5259If you are not going to wear the winter accessories, be sure to leave your hats at home so you don’t have “hat hair” once the camera starts clicking.
  • Props for winter portraits can include vintage sleds, plaid blankets and baskets of evergreen branches. Check with your photographer to see what they might provide and what you can bring from home.
  • Choose clothing and accessory colors that will stand out against the backdrop of muted winter colors. Bright jewel tones and rich colors like teal, red and violet are great choices. For families, coordinate your clothing colors to make a cohesive portrait.
  • _MG_3270Be sure to discuss edits with your photographer. Are you looking for a shot that shows the authenticity of a winter shoot – pink noses and all? Or do you prefer them edited a bit to look less affected by the temperature?
  • Ask your photographer to create a few images that will translate well into black and white. The high-contrast of the snow and your bright clothing is a perfect set up for some classic images.

Have fun, and be creative! There’s never a bad time to make some beautiful photos! Give us a call to schedule your special family portrait session.