6 reasons to book your family portrait now

adcardforblogI know, with school starting it’s not like you need one more thing to do! I totally understand but also know there are benefits to scheduling your annual family portrait session before the holidays are upon us.

Here are six reasons to not wait until fall to schedule your family photography session.


  • Choice of appointments times-Fall is the most popular time to get family portraits and I know for sure that my own schedule fills up in October and November. If you make scheduling your family pictures a last priority, the schedule that fits your needs may fill up.
  • Summer glow-That sun-kissed look your family got during all those great outdoor summer activities will soon fade. If you schedule your family portraits now, you will still have that glow!
  • No crowds-Families often prefer an outdoor, open location shoot for their family portrait. By scheduling early in the season, you are more likely to get your favorite spot without crowds of other families and photographers trying to get the same great shot for their holiday card.
  • Your schedule will just get busier-We’ve talked about making sure you fit into the photographer’s schedule, but what about your own schedule? Make that family portrait appointment before your schedule gets even crazier with school events, sports, and other family commitments that are sure to come during the fall holiday season.
  • Better weather-It’s just like the Three Little Bears’ porridge—not too hot, not too cold. In early fall, the Northwest Arkansas weather is often just right. The leaves are still on the trees but it’s not so hot that you melt. And no red noses from the cold!
  • Bragging rights-I know, we shouldn’t brag. But seriously, if you get your family portrait scheduled and out of the way, you can be the first of your friends and have a finished product to share sooner than anyone. And that holiday card? Done. No waiting until a few weeks before Christmas to get it all done.


What are you waiting for? Give me a call today and let’s get your beautiful Northwest Arkansas family photoshoot scheduled.