5 Photo Tips to Consider Before Your Next Party

I recently celebrated my 40th Birthday with my close friends and family. I didn’t take nearly enough photos because I was too busy having a good time! I am sure this has happened to you as well. It is difficult to be the host or guest of honor and manage to take plenty of photographs for your memory book. Here are a five tips to help you prepare for your next big event so you get the photos you want.

  • Don’t wait until the party to think about photography. You will need to know the who, what, when and how before the event.
  • Consider using a camera instead of your cell phone. Cell phones do not take great photos indoors under normal house lighting. If your event is outside, your cell phone may be all you need. I know using a digital camera is harder because the ease of snapping a photo with your phone and instantly loading it to social media is so much more fun and satisfying in the moment. You can do both!
  • Ask a friend to take photos for you using your camera. Be sure to ask the person in your friend circle who likes to take photos and has a good eye for it. With social media overload, it is easy to see if you have a friend with a good eye for image composition. Be sure your friend is in some of the photos too!
  • Instruct the person taking photos for you on what you want photos of. Be sure to get the decorations, the guests, and people having fun!
  • Consider hiring a professional photographer for your event if it is a special event that needs extra special photos such as a baby’s first birthday or a 50th wedding anniversary party.

For my party, I took a lot of photos on my cell phone and some with my camera. At the end of the night I was regretting not using my DSLR for all photos and having someone else take them for me. My party was full of personal touches and my girlfriends went above and beyond at making it special for me! Here are just a few of the amazing things they did!





These amazing girlfriends of mine pulled off a lovely night! Planning, coordinating, decorating, etc. My husband was very appreciative too!