10 Tips for getting great photos from your trips

My husband, kids and I recently went on a family vacation with my sisters and their families. It was the first time we went on vacation together since we were kids, crammed into a mid-size car with our parents heading across country to visit family. This time, we had a much shorter road trip to Dallas, Texas where we did all the touristy stuff you can do in the summer without dying of heat stroke. We ventured to the Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas World Aquarium, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and a few other fun places.

I used my cell phone and Canon camera off and on throughout the trip. Here are some tips that hopefully will give you ideas for your next vacation!

Tip #1: Get shots with the whole family

Hand over your phone or camera to someone trustworthy to snap a photo of you with your family. Too many times people don’t feel comfortable doing this but it is worth it! Every vacation needs at least one photo of you with your family.

Savor restaurant day 1 for lunch before meeting the rest of our group at Perot Museum

Tip #2: Get photos of people in your travel group having fun

Be sure to capture people from your party having fun. Not all photos need to be of everyone looking at the camera. You want to capture the emotions of the trip!

My niece, Mira, loving all the animals at the World Aquarium!

Tip #3: Capture photos of memories that make you smile

Capture memories that make you smile! Throughout the exhibit the museum had places designated so a guest could snap a photo that looked like a dinosaur was coming for you. I asked Dylan to stand in one of the spots and, “Look scared.” His reply after I asked why he wouldn’t look scared made me laugh so hard and still does every time I think about it. “It’s an herbivore!”

Right before I asked why he wouldn’t pose with a scared expression, “It’s an herbivore!”

Tip #4: Take photos of anything on your trip that interests you

Take a photo whenever you feel like it! I liked how the escalator looked with the sun coming in the window and snapped this photo of my son.



Tip #5: Take photos of what you are doing or seeing!

It may sound obvious, but if you’re going to various sites like the Aquarium or a museum, take pictures of what you’re looking at, especially if it’s interesting to you!

These penguins were so much fun to watch.

Tip #6: Take photos of signs, buildings, etc. of the tourist spots you visit.

With digital cameras there should be no limit to your photo taking so feel free to take a photo of anything that you think you might use in the future. Take photos for scrapbooking such as signs or buildings.



Tip #7: Capture your family members’ personalities in photos

Take funny, personality photos of your family. I would take photos throughout the museum with my family in it that matched  a sign in the background that reminded me of their personality. Examples could be a sign that said future engineer with your child who wants to be an engineer or mineral displays with your child who likes to collect rocks.

I took this photo because the caption of The Pace of Change. It is a joke in my family that I’m the only one who loves change and their pace of change is very slow.

The Pace of Change…

Tip #8: Take lots and lots of photos to get the best ones

Take lots of photos and you’ll get some funny expressions! I want to know what the owl was thinking when he looked right at my camera.

Do you mind? I’m trying to have a conversation here.

Tip # 9: Get photos of jokes or something that happens that makes you laugh

You can never have too many funny photos. Did I mention I love funny photos?

Audition for a soda commercial.

Tip #10: Make sure you use the right settings on your DSLR (and check the settings before handing your camera to someone)

If you hand your DSLR camera to someone to capture one of the most important photos of the weekend, be sure to put the camera on an auto setting (instead of full manual) so you won’t get an underexposed photo 🙂

All my sisters together! We don’t let our addresses in three different states get in the way of some sister time!