Your Headshot Photographer of Choice is Linda Richards Photography

Headshots aren’t just for actors. I work with bloggers, business owners, real estate agents, corporate executives, emerging leaders, and employee biography features. I approach headshots and portraits as unique to the client, the client’s profession, and client’s target audience all with a modern style. I will work with clients on choosing the right clothing and image that fits his or her personal branding. From session to digital and print options, prices are affordable to allow clients to come back and update their headshot each year.

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# Relevant

You can expect consistent, high quality images that will deliver the emotional appeal you want for your audience. We will capture the relevance needed for your images today and for years to come.

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# Powerful

We are a full service photography business; from consulting with you prior to shoot through to image manipulation. We provide a powerful connection between you and your audience.

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# Committed

We are committed to you. We provide our clients with true, beautiful imagery lasting a lifetime while delivering the personal touch you deserve.